About Joanne

Hi, my name is Joanne Calder and I have been a teacher in a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia for over 25 years. Most of that time has been spent in grade 6 & 7 classrooms.

I have also taught English in Japan, been a learning support teacher, an ELL teacher, a PE teacher, and for one very long year, a grade 2 teacher!

My favourite part of my job has always been in designing, planning, and teaching critical thinking skills lessons. In 2020, I went back to school and completed my Masters of Education in Educational Leadership. The focus of my inquiry project was critical thinking related to decision skills. I also became interested in place-based learning and the importance of focusing on identity in upper intermediate and middle school classrooms.

I have given many workshops over the last few years and have created this website to have an easier way to share the resources I have created with teachers from my workshops and beyond. I hope you find something useful you can use that will make your teaching workload a bit lighter.

Joanne Calder

Joanne Calder