Decision Skills Resources

Lesson and unit plans to foster decision skills education are both included

Where Do You Stand?

This is a unit to help students use decision skills to decide where they stand on big issues and current events.

What Energy Source is Best For My School?

This is a science unit where students use decision skills to form personal opinions about energy sources then come to a group consensus about which type of energy would be best for their school.

What kind of decision maker are you?

The Delta School District has a collection of fantastic resources to help educators get started in teaching decision skills.

I would highly recommend downloading "The Decision Playbook" as it's a quick read and may also help with your personal decision making process!

Also, don't miss the Tools, Handouts, and Blackline Masters section

My classes especially enjoy the lesson on optical illusions and the "Would you Rather" discussion starters.

Decision Journal Template

Decision Questionaire for Novel Studies

Student-Facing Decision Making Inventory

Alliance for Decision Education

The Alliance for Decision Education has some excellent lessons to introduce decision skills to students.

“The only thing you have control over that can influence the way your life turns out is the quality of your decisions.”

Annie Duke, author of How to Decide, Simple Tools for Making Better Choices

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